mct rash vest

Rash Vests Colours


Nylon fabric is stretchy and the colours are stronger and, sometimes, brighter than polyester. Nylon rash vests can be used for any purpose other than in chlorinated water. This will change the colours.

The fabric is UV50+. It is knitted in Italy and purchased from a UK merchant. The colours on this page are held in stock either finished rash vests or as fabric from which would make the rash vests. We can source other colours but would need to be given a Pantone reference and the order would need to be a minimum of 20 garments.

Stock colours are:-

white, black, red NE3049, bright green NE3013, aqua blue NE3028, jade green NE3010, turquoise blue NE3019, cornflower blue NE3020, yellow NE3007, lipstick pink NE3048, bottle green NE3009, silver grey NE3026, navy blue NE3015, royal blue NE3016, orange NE3051, purple NE3030, slate grey NE3024.

We can send you swatches of these colours if it helps so would need your address.