nylon rash vest

Rash Vests

Yes, we actually make rash vests and print them here in the UK

MCT rash vests are made in Devon in the UK from fabric that is knitted in Italy. We make nylon rash vests which can be used in any situation except in chlorinated water. For swimming pools and any other chlorinated water polyester rash vests keep their colour. Sublimated rash vests offer the greatest choice of print options as every panel can be printed with complicated designs and logos or crests. Nylon and polyester rashies are can be screen printed. All printing is done in house. Please contact us by email mikeclairetextiles@gmail.com so we can advise on the best course of production. All our rashies come in sizes from 24" to 60 "* with either short or long sleeves. We also make bibs from the same fabrics but these have no sleeves and have lower cut necks. They are excellent for sailing or identity uses. We carry both stock rash vests and/or fabric so we can make up rashies to order.

* the largest sublimated rashies are 46".

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If you'd like a contrast seam thread that, too, is possible. We can use the same colour thread as printing ink if so required. The fabric is sourced from a UK supplier. You can have the backs, fronts and sleeves printed or any one or combination of those positions. Just send us the design on a high resolution file and we'll do the rest. Prices vary according to numbers and the print so you would need to call us, or email, for a quote. The main styles are short sleeved, long sleeved or bibs. Bibs are a simple front and back and generally used for identification purposes.

We also make chlorine resistant rash vest for use in swimming pools

Our polyester rash vests are made from chlorine resistant fabric so are suitable for use in indoor swimming pools or outdoor pools that are chlorinated. Polyester is not as stretchy as nylon so we make them slightly larger and longer in the body.

The colours available are black, white, red, yellow, bright green, royal blue, navy blue, light blue and pink.